Preloaded IOL

The Zaraccom Preloaded IOL Delivery System is a new and easy-to-use intraocular lens injector system preloaded with our well known hydrophobic intraocular lens (IOL). The Zaraccom Preloaded IOL Delivery System is designed for safe and precise implantation of an IOL into the human eye during cataract surgery.

This preloaded delivery system is ergonomically designed with safe, efficient and reliable control features. It’s also error-free from IOL-loading with no IOL-touching. Preloaded

Key Feature & Benefits;

Model Name


IOL Design

Aspheric single piece for posterior capsular bag


Glistening Free, Hydrophobic Acrylic with UV absorber

Optic Diameter

6,0 mm

Overall Length

12,50 / 13,00 mm

Haptic Angle

Optic Design

Biconvex square edge optic and haptic

Diopter Range

+5D to 30D, 0.5D increment from 5D to 30D

Refractive Index


Spherical Aberration (SA)

Aberration free design

Material Water Content

<1 %



A constant




Type of Delivery System

Single-use fully preloaded IOL with injection system

Incision Size

2,2 mm

Shelf Life

5 Years